2nd Young Lichenologists' Workshop in Hungary
     12-15 November 2015, Budapest, Hungary
Dear Colleagues,

  The future of science, including lichenology, too, mostly depends on the younger generations. However, especially the young scientists are those who have more difficulties in establishing contacts, they are mostly unable to attend large scientific meetings (e.g. IAL8 2016 Helsinki, Finland), often their knowledge on foreign languages needs some training, as well as their abilities in discussions are insufficient for speaking in front of a larger public. Therefore we decided to organize a small, rather local meeting for scientists who can relatively easily visit Hungary to stimulate research activities of our region - taking the advantage of our country's central position in Europe. We would especially like to encourage students with deep interest for lichenology to initiate and prepare their dissertations (MSc, PhD) on various topics of biology of lichen-forming fungi. Our main topics are lichen chemistry and lichenicolous fungi, but any other field of lichenological investigations e. g. taxonomy, morphology, (bio)chemistry, ecology, ecophysiology, climate change, etc. are welcome.
  Colleagues who completed their PhD recently (i.e. some years ago) are invited to present their dissertation topic (or/and their preferred current research topic). Also younger lichenologists are welcome to have presentations on what they have achieved or plan to study. In correspondence with our aims it is also acceptable if you have presented your topic elsewhere. Also the change in biodiversity directs our attention to taxonomy and monitoring of species, as well as nature conservation matters. With the break-through of molecular genetics in the last decades lichen chemistry remained more in the background, however, the protecting role of some substances might be important against increasing UV-radiation. You may also bring new ideas what might be in focus of our discussions as well as in the future lichenological research.
  To keep the free and working atmosphere of the discussions we invite participants with limited number (c. 25) only. In this way the site of the workshop can be the lecture room of the Danube Research Institute, Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (H-1113 Budapest, Karolina út 29), which minimises the costs of the meeting.
  The timing of the workshop mostly concentrates on the weekend that university students (or lecturers) could more easily attend. As we are relatively few altogether, your comments on the further timing and programs may be considered. We try to be relatively flexible to agree also with your expectations as much as possible.

  We are looking forward to your visit in Budapest!

With best regards,

  Dr Edit Farkas and Nóra Varga

General Information

  Danube Research Institute, Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of   Sciences (H-1113 Budapest, Karolina út 29. N 47.478962°, E 19.031062°), which   minimises the costs of the meeting.

  Dr. Edit Farkas and Nóra Varga
  Institute of Ecology and Botany, Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian   Academy of Sciences

  12 November, 2015, 15.15-16.15 in Danube Research Institute, MTA Centre for   Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (H-1113 Budapest, Karolina   út 29.

  • 14 November, 2015, in Buda Mountains.
  • 15 November, 2015, in National Botanical Garden and Institute of Ecology of Botany, MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2136 Vácrátót, Alkotmány u. 2-4.

Workshop language:
  The official language of the workshop will be English.

  There are many kinds of accommodation type in the city nearby the venue and   other cheaper hostels in the inner city. Please contact directly to Nóra Varga   (varga.nora@okologia.mta.hu) for any help.

  In Budapest there are daily, weekly season tickets and one-way tickets, too. For   more information please visit the BKK website or ask help from the organizers.

Deadline of registration and abstracts:
  Please fill in the registration form and send it to the e-mail address   (varga.nora@okologia.mta.hu), not later, than 18 October, 2015.

    Dr. Edit Farkas farkas.edit@okologia.mta.hu
    Nóra Varga varga.nora@okologia.mta.hu

The organizers keep the right of changing the program.

We kindly remind you that all participants arrange their own travel, accommodation and dining cost, since our grant application for external support to the event was not successful. For coffee breaks you are guests of the organizers.


Thursday, 12 November 2015
  14.30-15.15 Arrival to Danube Research Institute, MTA Centre for Ecological Research,                         H-1113 Budapest, Karolina út 29.
  15.15-16.15 Registration and technical information.
  16.15-16.45 Workshop Opening by Péter Ódor, director of Institute of Ecology and                         Botany, MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Vácrátót. Ódor, P., Király, I.,                         Tinya, F., Nascimbene, J.: Environmental drivers of epiphytic bryo-phyte                         and lichen assemblages in Hungarian mixed forests.
  16.45-19.00 Welcome reception and projecting lichen photographs
                        (bring your best ones!).

Friday, 13 November 2015
    9.00-  9.15 Welcome
    9.15-10.45 Oral presentations, invited speakers, convener: Varga, N.
    9.15-  9.55 Kondratyuk, S.: Lichenicolous fungi: taxonomic and 'floristic' approaches.
    9.55-10.25 Farkas, E.: An account on the investigations of secondary lichen chemistry.
  10.25-10.45 Engel, R., Szabó, K., Abrankó, L., Füzy, A., Takács, T., Farkas, E.:
                        Active substances: from lichens to herbs.
  10.45-11.15 Coffee break
  11.15-12.10 Oral presentations, convener: Csintalan, Zs.
  11.15-11.35 Varga, N., Lőkös, L., Farkas, E.: Studies on Xanthoriicola physciae and
                        allied species in various habitats.
  11.35-11.55 Laufer, Zs.: Adaptation of lichens to the extreme environment, effect of
                        high light intensity and heat stress.
  11.55-12.15 Veres, K., Csintalan, Zs.: The role of seasonality and microhabitat conditions
                        on the photosynthetic activity of some terricolous lichen species.
  12.15-14.00 Lunch break
  14.00-15.00 Oral presentations, convener: Kondratyuk, S.
  14.00-15.00 Matus, G., Szepesi, J., Rózsa, P., Lőkös, L.: Xanthoparmelia mougeotii newly
                        discovered member of the Hungarian lichen flora.
  14.00-15.00 Sinigla, M.: Some rare, dangerous and protected lichen species in Balaton
                        Uplands, Hungary.
  14.00-15.00 Hämäläinen, A.: Epiphytic lichens in boreal clear-cut stands: significance of
                        retained trees and stumps as lichen habitat.
  15.00-15.30 Coffee break
  15.30-16.30 Oral presentations, convener: Farkas, E.
  15.30-15.50 Matura, N.: Freshwater lichens in the Polish Western Carpathians.
  15.50-16.10 Frolov, I.: Distinction of three seemingly cryptic lichen species (Pyrenodesmia,
                        Teloschistaceae) with two-tier method.
  16.10-16.30 Fačkovcová, Z., Zozomová-Lihová, J., Guttová, A.: What can genetic
                        diversity of lichenized fungus Solenopsora candicans tell us about its origin in
  16.30-16.45 Coffe break
  16.45-17.40 Poster presentations, convener: Varga, N.
  16.45-17.00 Balogh, R., Béregi, B., Martins, L. S., Novák, T., Lőkös, L., Varga, N., Papp, B.,
                        Matus, G.: Composition and biomass of a cryptogamic community in grazed
                        and fenced dry acidic grassland.
  17.00-17.15 Maslac, M.: Using lichens as bioindicators of air quality: from physiological to
                        the community change.
  17.15-17.30 Biró, B., Lőkös, L., Farkas, E.: HPTLC chromatographic analysis of Cetrelia
  17.30-18.00 Discussion on selected topics.
  18.30-           Dinner in Mechwart Pince, H-1024 Budapest, Keleti K. u. 4. (close to the tram
                        nr 4-6 stop "Mechwart tér").

Saturday, 14 November 2015
    9.00-15.30 Workshop excursion in the Buda Mountains
  15.30-19.00 "Labwork" and discussions on different topics in the Danube Research
                        Institute, MTA Centre for Ecological Research, H-1113 Budapest, Karolina út
Sunday, 15 November 2015
    9.30-14.30 Visit in the National Botanical Garden and Institute of Ecology of Botany,
                        MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences in
  15.30-           Travel home.

Farkas, E. and Varga, N. (eds) (2015): Information, program and abstracts. 2nd Young lichenologists' workshop in Hungary, 12-15 November 2015, Budapest, Hungary. - Institute of Ecology and Botany, MTA Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vácrátót, 24 pp.pdf

Institute of Ecology and Botany, Centre for Ecological Research,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-2163 Vácrátót, Hungary
Telephone: +36 28 360 122 ext. 139
E-mail: farkas.edit@okologia.mta.hu